Brien Lee has been producing multimedia, video, industrial theater, video tributes and documentaries for all of his adult life. He is dedicated to sharing his knowledge with upcoming creatives in all video production disciplines.

How to Choose the Right Music for Your Video

Motion pictures, videos, many stage performances, even churches, all use music to create involvement, provoke emotion, develop community, and as such will essentially provide a cohesive and memorable flow to the project, topic, or performance. The trend to using pop music and hit songs in motion pictures notwithstanding, the single most important element to a …

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Be Relentless

To Be Successful in Video, Be Relentless!

To be a real success, you must relentlessly pursue your goals and the goal of your clients.

Be relentless— meet all your deadlines.

Be relentless— exceed expectations.

Be relentless— allow new ideas during your internal project reviews to enhance the project.

Be relentless— go the extra mile in in editing to merge audio and video into a syncopated dance.

Be relentless— try and find and use new tools that will give your work extra impact. Plug-ins for editing systems, or enhanced lighting tools. Sliders and stabilizers for shooting, and taking the extra time finding music that is perfect, just no “close enough for government work.”

Tribute Video Book

You’ve Been Volunteered to Create Grandpa’s 90th Birthday Video! NOW WHAT?

Grandpa’s 90th Birthday is coming up, and since you have a camcorder, people think you should “make a video” about him to play at the party. Now what? Well, maybe you’re an old hand at this stuff, in which case, leave here and go to Buy a bunch of equipment and have a ball! But …

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The “Ken Burns Effect” and Me

The Famous “Video Moves on Stills” Had Its Roots in Slide Shows. Ken Burns has been credited with devising the “smooth moves on stills” effect that has permeated his various award winning productions. But, for history’s sake, I’d like to claim that this effect was developed simultaneously across the country by “multi-image” slideshow makers. As …

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Video Gear recommendation site now open features video equipment recommendations and comparisons If you’re producing business videos or family tribute videos, you may be interested in learning about what equipment we recommend for making the best videos possible. Add to that the naturally import concept of price vs. performance, and you have the goal of our new site, This site …

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