World Fair: a Short Subject Documentary by Amanda Murray

I’ve been producing media for more than 40 years professionally, and I endorse this film wholeheartedly. It is a passionate story of the 1939 Fair, and the impact it had on surviving New York locals who tell their stories through memory and memorabilia, some of it personally shot film.

Interviews, historical footage, photos and memories are mixed expertly with a terrific and moving original soundtrack. The interviewer / director stays out of the way, making the interviewees the stars- something broadcast television could be humble and creative enough to do more often.

The concepts of black & white lives and the color Fair is moving, and the contrast with the depression brought the feelings of that era home more clearly for me than my own parents memories.

Congratulations to Amanda Murray. You took time-tested documentary techniques, amplified them, respected your subject, and added your artistic vision. Truly a film I wish I’d made.