You’ve got the gear, the people, and the need.

But sometimes, it seems, you don’t have solutions.

Corporate (and by that we mean enterprise, start-up, multinational, non-profit, fundraising) video isn’t easy. There are multiple masters, budget and time constraints, job pressures, and too much noise. Whether you’re a big company with networked editing and extraordinary CGI capabilities, or an up and coming enterprise with a camera and simple NLE, chances are the one thing you need is a clear path to the creative approach. It’s the one thing the most capable of production departments (and production houses) may be missing.

Our success over the years has been because the one thing we concentrate on is the thing most lacking in our high-tech, OCD world- clear thinking, analysis, proposal and delivery of communications solutions that can be achieved at almost any budget level. The symptom- you’re ready to throw yet more money at a solution, or you have seven solutions yet no single winner. The toughest hing for a producer or client is to think like the audience. We call it “surfing” for the solution. An outside view to what an audience likes, needs, wants, and will respond to. It’s a like more than camera angles or graphics, or even well done sound. It’s ideas, emotions, premises, and proof.

These are solutions that can only come by being respectful of, but divorced from, your everyday environment. We can teach it, or of there isn’t time, we can provide it. In audio-visual solutions, size doesn’t matter. Our kind of approach can be impactful in a department of 20, or for a one-person band. We bring logic, emotion, reality and results to corporate communications. call or write for more information or an appointment.