Scriptwriting and Creative Direction Training

Brien Lee offers the following seminar based on his 40 years of video creation, direction, writing and production experience: Video Scriptwriting (2 days, $1500, meals included, local lodging on your own) The research, development, outlining and scriptwriting of the video (or audio-visual) script are explored in detail, with samples, writing exercises, and individual reviews of each student’s efforts. Both formal and informal one-to-one instruction are included. Topics covered:

  • The language of a-v.
  • Writing for the eye.
  • Writing for the ear.
  • Basic corporate storytelling structure.
  • Narrative scriptwriting.
  • Documentary scriptwriting.
  • Scripwriting tools and techniques.
  • Delivering on a script’s “promise”: How to fulfill the expectations of a script from a producer / director standpoint.
  • Talking in “code”, or handling difficult subjects or admissions.
  • How to guarantee applause, awe, tears, or all of the above through the scripting plan.
  • Scripting rhythm.
  • Scripting music.
  • Keeping the script alive: ongoing changes and updates to scripts in the production process.
  • Q&A, samples, and class project reviews.

Students are surveyed before they arrive on their own needs and topics of interest, and the class customized to those needs. Held four times a year, three in a New Jersey location within close proximity to an airport; one held in another U.S. location to be determined by interest.