The AVSquad (The Sorgel-Lee Story 1972-1982)

Two Guys, Two Apartments, Two Slide Projectors, One Dissolve Unit, One Tape Recorder, One Dream



The AVSquad

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There are lots of crazy things you can do in life, and starting a business is one of them. In 1972, with no market research other than applause, Ric Sorgel and I started what through various upheavals, layoff, redefinitions, and investments in heavy iron and talented people, became a very successful a-v (audio-visual) firm.

For ten years, this is where we spent out life. This is where we explored ways to get sight and sound to the screen, post-16mm, pre-video, and way pre-internet. Our medium was slides, script and sound. And because others across the country were exploring the same, a market rose up for equipment that would easily synchronize multiple projectors to sophisticated soundtracks, replicating a theatrical experience. This lead us into major meetings, TV spots (from slides), sales presentations, and marketing and new product reveals.

Back in 1997, I decided to write up a personal log of my experiences with the events and people that made up that time. Clients, partners, competitors, and a whole litany of companies which for the most no longer exist. The Milwaukee Journal still does, AT&T still does. some of the ad agencies still do, but even the Milwaukee Advertising Club, where it could be said we made our name, is long kaput.

The ten or so chapters in this remembrance have had various homes as my journey through life, company iterations, and the web has continued. It has been missing, though, for some time so I wanted it to have a home again. And now that I’ve hit retirement age (if not retirement) I thought this was an appropriate place. What you’re linking to is 1997 web design, and not very good at that. But as I’ve said elsewhere, “It’s the Story, Stupid…” not that I think you’re stupid. We saw some stupid, smart, enlightening, disheartening, and ultimately very rewarding things in those years. And jeez, we basically did all of it in our twenties.

SO, if you have the interest, read on…. click here, as they say, for  The AVSQUAD.. .a look back at Sorgel-Lee, Sorgel-Lee-Riordan, SLI Multimedia, Sorgel-Lee Multimedia, and SLRCO.