Video Gear recommendation site now open features video equipment recommendations and comparisons

If you’re producing business videos or family tribute videos, you may be interested in learning about what equipment we recommend for making the best videos possible. Add to that the naturally import concept of price vs. performance, and you have the goal of our new site,

Reviews and Recommendations

This site features tips and techniques for using gear, comparisons of leading equipment in various categories, and features on upcoming sales and offers. (We are an affiliate for a number of different merchandisers and manufacturers.)

This all part of our ongoing effort to use our long career in media production to educate and inform . I would have loved to be a teacher, and I have written two books and taught a number of classes on such issues, but the web seems to be the way to have the biggest impact, so we’ve added this site to specialize in the hardware aspects of our business. It may be helpful to start-ups, enthusiasts, hobbyists, and pros looking for values in video production software and hardware. We hope you’ll visit!

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