Web Design

web design

Web design and programming is the latest of our offerings– we’ve only been doing it for 14 years. It started with our own websites, news oriented site featuring articles and offerings centered around our meeting, interactive and video offerings. Soon, we were offering the same for our clients, moving into e-learning, employee orientation, and sales site for our customers. But most web sites aren’t that complicated– they need to focus on one offering, one unique selling prospect, and the collection of data that can be turned into a sale.

Cafe Verde Web Page

These kinds of sites can be accomplished relatively quickly, sometimes within a week. The more complicated sites– e-commerce, e-learning, or magazine sites can take time and relatively substantial budgets.

Which is to say — we’re happy to accommodate all kinds of needs. As a hyper-experienced sole proprietor we can handle all kinds of projects. As with all our projects, we provide a proposal that details what we will accomplish within a specific budget. We communicate and show you our ideas and progress, and stay on track until you are satisfied.