The Power of the Written Word

The core of my career has been writing. Even in the video business, we sold the writing as a necessary part of the package to ensure that the end result of the production would result in the impact the client desired.

Scriptwriting is a strange animal, because it doesn’t follow the rules of grammar.  Instead, it follows the rules of conversation, and regular conversations do not sound like the “written word”.

In fact, in video, you can write scripts without words, and these are very often the most successful of videos, because of their reliance on what is seen.

And in a video script, the music and sound can’t be ignore either. They play an important part in telling the editor what the emotional feel of a section is supposed to be, and where the climax points are.

We now offer scriptwriting to other video producers, since this is an area rarely staffed by video companies, even today.

And over the years we’ve taken the written word into our web site work, speechwriting, major meetings and industrial theater. 

We’ve even written a few books!