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You’ve Been Volunteered to Create Grandpa’s 90th Birthday Video! NOW WHAT?

Grandpa’s 90th Birthday is coming up, and since you have a camcorder, people think you should “make a video” about him to play at the party. Now what? Well, maybe you’re an old hand at this stuff, in which case, leave here and go to Buy a bunch of equipment and have a ball!

But if not, this post is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

What is a Tribute?

Let’s define what we mean by “tribute video”.

A Tribute Video is meant for a person or persons celebrating some life event, like a birthday, retirement, anniversary, promotion, graduation, engagement, marriage, or memorial.

They can be initiated by a business, for a coworker, or by a person, for a friend or family member.

What’s In a Tribute?

At a minimum, a tribute will feature music and pictures.

But beyond that baseline, it can also feature audio or video interviews, scans of yearbook pages, newspaper clippings, the tributee’s favorite songs, old video or movies, and more.

How Do You Make a Tribute Video?

Usually, tributes are made on computers using video editing or picture sequencing software. The technical steps are:

Gather the materials.

Input the materials.

Sequence the materials (often chronologically).

Trim and enhance the materials so they look good, and put them in the right order on a timeline or slideshow storyboard.

Time everything to music (usually more than one piece of music to reflect chronology, phases of a person’s life, and often these might be the person’s favorite songs). 

Output the end result to a DVD, Blu-Ray, or USB drive.

Show the Video at the party on a large enough system so people can see and hear it.

What Equipment do I Need?

This depends entirely on how complex a video you will be producing. But let’s stick with the simplest, music and pictures / video.

INPUT: a scanner for photos and slides; a “magic” box / cable to transfer old videos to your computer. A CD/DVD player to “grab” music from cd’s. Players for those old videos.

EDITING: a capable computer, and picture sequencing or video editing software.

OUTPUT: A DVD burning program, a Blu-ray burner program, A DVD or blu-ray burner, or a properly formatted USB thumb drive or hard drive.

Now if you are doing something more complicated, you’ll need other things, like microphones, more complicated scanners, microphones, lighting, and of course a camera.

I’d also suggest my book, How to Create A Tribute Video, for all the equipment details plus tons on creative approaches.

What If I Hate Work or Don’t Have Time?

You can always hire someone to do it. Depending on your zip code, this will often run from $500 to $5000, depending on length and complexity. Double that if you’re in a high cost / income area.

What If I Liked Doing This Tribute and Want to Do More?

Then I have another book for you, The VideoBiz Book, which shows you how to turn your video passion into a business! Lots of details!

Whatever you choose to do, you’ll find the info and gear at our sister site,¬†Have a happy tribute! And happy birthday, Grandpa!

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