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For forty years, Brien Lee and his associates have been solving communications challenges for some of the country’s leading corporations and charitable organizations. We have the experience, knowledge, and desire that results in great business video production and demonstrable results.


Writer / Producer Training

The basics of true video communication can be lost in a sea of jargon. Our training, seminars, and one-on-one apprenticeships have created careers and delighted clients. Whether learning to compete professionally, or just honing your ad hoc skills, we can help.

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It’s not about competition, but coalition. We bring experience, leadership and creativity to our partnerships, locally and nationally, for a few hours or a few projects. Our analytical, proposal, scripting and directing skills can help you make a difference for your clients.

Brien has the uncanny ability to write and produce emotionally compelling work. Over the years he has always created stories that truly connect to the audience. His investigating skills and insight are second to none. He has what I like to call the “X” factor that you can’t find anywhere else. Hire him and you’ll see what I mean. 

Ric Sorgel, Senior Vice President - EWI Worldwide

Brien is an expert producer, writer and director, as good as it gets for crafting stories for video and moving images. For your audience, he will elevate them, levitate them, turn them around and put them right where you want them: believing in your message, passionately motivated about your product, business or service, and ready for action.

Bill Finn, Director of Web Strategy, Hanson Dodge Creative

Brien is a talented creative source and smart businessman but, above all, Brien Lee is a terrific person. He’s given great opportunities to untested talent (such as yours truly) and has proven himself a faithful mentor to many.

Steve Grisetti, Instructor, Lynda.com

I have had the privilege and pleasure of working with Brien Lee on several projects as Director of Photography. Every single time, Brien provided expert direction and a script that intrinsically brought to life and highlighted the ideas and the people that go into a product, a company, etc. He’s an inspiring person who produces a first-rate product every time.

Marcin Wawrzyczek, Cinematographer, DP

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