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Welcome to our site. Here, we’re featuring our current creative offerings, based on 40 years experience in the conception, writing, producing, editing and directing of creative materials including scripts, meetings, speeches, videos, interactive projects, web sites and much more.


We've created and produced hundreds of videos, including training, product, orientation, history, tribute, motivation, theatrical, documentary, and much more.


All of our efforts start with the written word. We've worked as a journalist, scriptwriter, web writer / designer, speechwriter, book author, researcher and editor.

Web Design

From writing, to layout, to graphic and video elements, we have authored business, restaurant, creative service, training and multimedia websites.


Client Logos

My experience is serving customers ranging from giant corporations, to families and companies wishing to pay tribute to leaders and loved ones. Although I’ve run big production companies, I’ve chosen to provide the kinds of services that can serve both local and web-centric audiences for their particular needs. I can provide turnkey video for businesses or individuals. I can whip up websites that meet demanding budgets or demanding requirements. I can write scripts for producers who need ideas and concepts that help distinguish them competitively while providing pricing that my lower overhead can offer. From corporate triumph to family tribute, we bring something special to the mix. It’s called results. And sometimes, standing O’s are often part of that as well.



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